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For Executives & Managers

New Angle Consulting provides tailored solutions that address your current situation. If you're like most of our clients, you're experiencing some kind of a disruption to your regular day-to-day business. You may be struggling with difficult team members, departmental "silos,"" down-sizing, or adjusting to a re-organization. You may be excited to launch a new product or service, a merger, a new team, a new business goal, or to bring in new team members. You recognize that you lead smart, capable individuals that can accomplish even greater results working together more effectively.

Strengthening Team Alignment & Performance

Changes in performance require changes in mindset and behavior... and that takes time. Our facilitators create the environment for talking about what's needed and putting your team on a path of self reliance, commitment, and true teamwork. We believe that respectful conflict is healthy and we help you tap into the viewpoints that each team member brings. Our Best Year Yet!® program ensures the clarity and focus your team needs to execute on your annual plan. [Learn More]

Strengthening Teamwork Behaviors

As a busy leader or manager you want to quickly strengthen your team's relationships, reinvigorate motivation, and solidify the habits of powerful teamwork. Let us help you launch the year or a new initiative with a powerful program that brings everyone together in a "learning lab" environment that is fun, challenging, and eye-opening. We help your team self-diagnose where you're strong and where you need to get stronger. We share the tools and models that best fit your team from the top industry gurus on leadership and teamwork.

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