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For Training Departments

Building Teamwork & Management Skills

We directly support organizations that develop leaders with ongoing learning. In many cases, we deliver expert content such as:

In every case, New Angle Consulting applies sixteen years of experience with custom material developed from recognized thought leaders in the community. Our facilitators recognize the importance of trust and safety when teams collaborate on tough challenges. Let us help you create a high performance team!


Adding Experiential Methodology to Your Own Learning Programs

We believe that adults learn best when both sides of their brain are engaged as well as their heart and body, which happens when they tap into their life experiences. Experiential learning allows employees to engage in a problem-solving scenario or challenge real-time rather than learn about it from theory or traditional instruction-based education. Plus, we think learning should be fun and powerful. We partner with you to design or enrich your internal training or corporate university programs. We can bring our years of experiential education expertise to your curriculums or help you design the programs from scratch to meet your learners' specific needs. We also train your trainers in facilitating these impactful programs onsite.